Magic doesn't always require secret ingredients.

Whenever result of someone's work makes you think and look for explanations in secrets and unexplainable - we advice you think again. Our approach, dedication and amount of effort we put in everything we do is well known. It's that kind of work that awakens magic in everyday materials, and then, there's no need for secrets.



Aluminium is light, silver-colored, shiny metal. We use it in many forms - as plates, profiles and strips of various widths and thicknesses. We cut it, shape it, paint it and plastify it. It is characterized by low weight, high rigidity and resistance to atmospheric conditions, which all together makes aluminum one of the most commonly used materials in our production.



Alubond is a 3 to 4 mm thick material made out of two layers of aluminum with thermoplastic filler in between. It comes in matte or gloss variation, as in the whole range of special finishes and colors - a mirror, brushed aluminum, various types of reliefs, wood designs... It is easy to handle and crop, sturdy and resistant to various atmospheric conditions, accepts paint and direct printing.


Klirit - Plexiglass

Klirit or plexiglass is domesticated name for PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) plates which have to modes of production - casting and extruding. This is a material that can be transparent or colored. It transmits light well and comes in thicknesses from 3 to 10 mm. It's cutted easily and can be thermally formed. Accepts all types of bonding as well as direct printing.



By Forex we call expanded PVC plates with fine and homogeneous cell structure which provides the possibility of cutting, engraving, printing and bonding. Lightness, high rigidity and glue, filler and paint friendliness, make forex the material of choice often. Procured plates range of thickness is from 1 to 19 mm. Exceptionally, it is possible to acquire even thicker plates.



MDF is made by compressing wood dust, wood chips and binder (glue). It comes in various thicknesses ranging from 4 up to 38 mm. If we want to get the 3D form on CNC router, with a depth greater than the thickness of standard boards, we glue several boards under pressure. MDF has a fine structure and is convenient for carving and similar tasks with demanding details.



Steel is an iron alloy, which is, due to its range of properties, as well as the relatively low cost of production, the most commonly used metal. We use it in the form of plates, boxes, tubes and rods. Being successfully painted, coated and welded - there isn't a product in which steel doesn't participate - whether as final or a constructive part od the sign.



Lexan is a multi layer, polycarbonate panel. In addition to exceptional durability, strength and ease of manipulation, it's characterized by a low weight, as well as a wide field of application. Available plates are measuring 2,000 x 6,000 mm which makes the possibilities to produce single-element signs and their parts even greater. It comes by standard in a transparent and milky-white variations. Plate thickness ranges from 4 to 45 mm, but most commonly used are those up to 10 mm. It enlightens well and accepts gluing and printing.


Prijatelji firme čije usluge preporučujemo su slep sluzba, prenatalni test ili maticne celije. Recommendation if you're in need of plastic fencing.